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100% recyclable


Heat sealing for closing open mouthed bags.
Riding band or horizontal and flat in Kraft and very resistant to breakages.


  • DELTAMELT is a heat shrunk closing system coated on one side with reactivated HOTMELT which can seal all types of bags (Kraft, plastic, Polypro)
  • A great way to save time and increase productivity
  • Energy saving thanks to the glue activating at 100° and sticking at 130°
  • Meeting regulatory compliance with REACH for coming into contact with food 
  • Barrier against odours and moisture


  • Weight: 115gr + 30gr /m²
  • Colours: White/loff white
  • With or Without print
  • Packaging: Reel with PE film


  • Dimensions:
    • Strip 45mm/ / 50mm
    • Diameter 550 mm
    • Mandrel 76 mm

  • Delivery time: between 4 and 8 days(depending on stock available)
  • Minimum 60 rolls 
  • Price: Franco / per kg or per reel

Industrial Packaging, band for heat sealing using hotmelt

Industrial Packaging, band for heat sealing using hotmelt

DeltaPack France
www.deltapack.eu (Site Officiel)
www.deltapack.es (Espagne)
www.emballageindustrie.com (Production)

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