Emballage Industriel, Papiers recyclables, biodégradable



Ecological and recycled embossed
cardboard that is 100% biodegradable


Used as a carpet for calving for the piglets and ensures better respect of the environment as well as better comfort for the animals.


  • Absolute health guarantee 
  • This means both time and money can be saved
  • No need to use chemical disinfectants 
  • This is a clean and dry surface for piglets 
  • Anti-slip, removes leg spray 
  • Falls to pieces and disintegrates in the liquid manure pit. 
  • Absorbs liquid weight: 250 / 400gr / 500gr /m² 


  • In format:
    • All dimensions possible 
    • Standard 40x50 cm/ 50x80cm / 50x100cm 
    • Packaging: sanitary packs under kraft 
    • 1 pallets = 66 packs of 100 sheets 50x80

  • In rolls:
    • All types of strips possible: 50, 100, 200 m
    • Roll for cutting

  • Delivery time: between 15 and 20 days 
  • Minimum 1 pallet 1,000kg 
  • Price: Franco€ / for 1,000 sheets or for a roll

Industrial Packaging, calving biodegradable carpet for piglets


Industrial Packaging, calving biodegradable carpet for piglets

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