Emballage Industriel, Papiers recyclables, biodégradable



100% ecological, 100% biodegradable


Padded layers to use against splinters for transport between the pallet and the goods such as bags, cardboard boxes, limiting the rows of foundry parts, tooling and manufactured products...


  • Padded layers with anti-slip mechanism due to the deformable cells. 
  • Protects against shock, friction and keeps the goods in place during transport.
  • It prevents the goods placed on wooden pallets from getting perforated.


  • Dimensions: All dimensions possible
  • Weight: 125gr / 170gr / 250gr / 400gr / 500gr

  • Delivery time: between 15 and 20 days 
  • Minimum 1 pallet 1,000kg
  • EX: 250gr in 80x120 = 4,500 sheets
  • Price: Franco € / for 1,000 sheets

Industrial Packaging, embossed anti-slip padded layers

Industrial Packaging, embossed anti-slip padded layers

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