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The separator made of crepe paper is used between bags, crates or between the pallet and the goods. But also wrapped around the pallet to protect the products from knocks from the forks of the pallet jack.


  • Prevents the goods from sliding (bags, cardboard boxes). It strengthens the paper and protects it from being torn by nails and splinters from the wooden pallets.
  • It is used around pallets to protect the goods.
  • It is also used for sea transport to absorb moisture and to avoid the bags from being torn because of friction.


  • Dimensions: All dimensions possible
  • Weight: 90gr to 220gr

  • Delivery time: between 15 and 20 days
  • Minimum 500kg
  • Price: Franco € / for 1,000 sheets.

Industrial Packaging, separator in crepe paper

Industrial Packaging, separator in crepe paper

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